pathDrive is a novel methodology developed by a team lead by Jeff Morris as part of the Moon Shot.  It is available on the internal development server and therefore not considered stable.  Click the icon below to access.  Please note it is only accessible from within MD Anderson.  Contact Dr. Morris ( if the server is down.

Rationale for pathDRIVE:

The vastness of multi-platform molecular data raises many challenges

  • DNA/epigenetic measurements relatively easy to measure and often targetable but not functional
  • mRNA/proteins closer to functional but not targetable
  • Individual genes difficult to interpret functionally given complex pathways
  • Pathway scores summarize activity across genes, are pseudo-functional

In response to these challenges, our goal is to devise a method to identify sparse sets of upstream effectors explaining a high level of variability in pathway scores

  • Find key “leverage points” within the pathways.
  • We will apply this method to key pathways characterizing CRC subtypes to identify potential subtype-specific targets.

For more information, please see this pathDRIVE PowerPoint presentation.